Words & Music: Larisa Santiago & Medy Capellan


I went into the studio with producer Medylandia (Alx Veliz, Dancing Kizomba) for a session and we began bouncing ideas around and I said: “Why don’t we write about a girl who one day puts her stake in the ground and claims her independence? She is done with her guy’s bullshit!” He agreed that it could work. I was thinking: how am I going to turn this story idea into words?

I have been excited lately to see how women are being portrayed as flexing their power, so I decided that I would create a song that expressed that empowered portrayal. But rather than focusing on sexual power and on the I-can-do-whatever-I-want-with-my-body thinking, I wanted to write about something that would be bold, empowering in its message and moves. I wanted the song to be fun, danceable and somewhat cheeky. And there is nothing like reggaeton with its fusion of Latin rhythms, dancehall, hip-hop and Caribbean roots to get you moving. And Medy did a great job punching out the reggaeton beats.

In my view a lot of girls find themselves in bad relationships but feel compelled to stay, even if they don’t have to. It’s in their power to leave the relationship if it’s no longer working. I wanted to express that there is an exit. So it took Medy and me about seven hours – the song just flowed. I took the concept of the girl being treated like an emotional nanny to the guy. I thought it was unique and cool so we went straight for it. Some guys have unrealistic expectations. They think it’s no big deal to depend on girls and that their bullshit is okay. And if we really love them, we’re going to accept the nanny role, while they take everything as they please.

But as the words in No Soy Tu Niñera convey: I am not your nanny and I will not put up with your problems because I have my own life to live and dreams to accomplish.

© Larisa Santiago 2019